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SBI Muda

SBI-Muda identifies both direct and derived economic effects. Despite being a central component of the broader SBI project, it also deserves and requires a specific focus.


An inefficient OR management results in patient frustration, delays for the healthcare professionals, and a reduction in teamwork. Long waiting times can also increase stress and anxiety, prolong fluid fasting times, and exacerbate postoperative complications.



SBI-Muda will improve OR efficiency, reduce POD/PND, and improve patient-reported outcomes (PRO). By providing detailed SBI-Muda dashboard updates and feedback on OR and hospital metrics and placing them in context with the individual's outcomes (e.g., starting time or delay, suture to incision time, time spent in the postanaesthesia care unit (PACU) and postoperative time spent in the hospital).


With SBI-Muda, the department as a whole and the healthcare specialist will have access to anonymized- more objective- systematized feedback on the quality of care and the metrics related to the perioperative process.

The Safe Brain Initiative Program

Efficiency is key for optimal patient experience

Delays and postponements are unwelcome by patients and healthcare staff alike and are a burden for a high-functioning healthcare system.
SBI-Muda helps to move towards and achieve optimal flow with patient-centred care in our primary focus.