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SBI Implementation support and strategy – some general points

The goal of SBI is to change and improve the clinical routine and outcomes for staff and patients; this requires time and perseverance during the implementation process and the support of the Department and Hospital administrators.

We recommend a 50% implementation position for the start-up phase and a 25% position for the maintenance phase of implementation. This depends, however, on the department's size, infrastructure, and general innovation interests.

It would be ideal to have a nurse and physician working together as a tandem team during the implementation process and thereafter. However, the perfect implementation strategy is the one that works. With that in mind, each Hospital/Department can evaluate its most promising or established implementation pathway. New centers will be supported to the best of our ability by the SBI team. New SBI centers will receive helpful resources for the project start-up, such as an implementation handbook, a sample ethical vote, a data security review sample, and an SBI implementation guide.

While SBI is a non-profit organization, the technical solution, server capacity, and further development and programming incur costs. To maintain and guarantee GDPR-compliant data security and a cutting-edge dashboard solution, moderate costs will be shared among the participating centers.



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