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Safe Brain Initiative matches our high degree of patient and employee involvement


Nykoebing Falster Hospital emphasizes the treatment quality of complicated cases and patient safety. Ankara University’s scientific and clinical excellence is based on the development and adoption of novel approaches and collaboration with national and international centers and societies.

Nykoebing Falster Hospital - a part of SBI Denmark

Nykoebing F. Hospital is part of Region Zealand. The Nykoebing Hospital places a high priority on research across all departments within the hospital. The research involves collaboration with Danish and foreign research institutions and researchers.

In addition to providing training for many different professional groups, the hospital is also a major academic center. Most importantly Nykoebing Hospital is one of the leading centers for the Safe Brain Initiative.

SBI contacts at Nykoeping Falster Hospital

  • PD Dr. Finn M. Radtke

    Chief researcher and founder of the Safe Brain Initiative

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Collaboration is important to us. As a result, the SBI Community works closely together with other international communities and shares results to gain new knowledge and better practices.