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SBI Core Recommendations

The SBI core recommendations aim to monitor, detect and ultimately decrease and avoid the adverse side effects of surgery and anaesthesia in our daily routine care.

Thereby guiding clinicians on the least invasive and least side effect-prone pathway through the perioperative process.

Currently, the Safe Brain Initiative has 18 core recommendations available. All recommendations are non-invasive by nature, with the primary goal of detecting and preventing/reducing adverse outcomes.

Please see for further details below.

The Patient Experience SBI-faces

SBI-faces features video reports of patient factual descriptions and experiences

The Safe Brain Initiative Program

What makes us different is what we offer: A real-world solution!

A turn-key state-of-the-art solution that reduces the side effects of anaesthesia and surgery in surgical patients. Including the Improvement of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and the Decreasing of postoperative Delirium (POD) and cognitive dysfunctions incidences.