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The Safe Brain Initiative Mission Statement

To prevent postoperative neurocognitive disorder (postoperative delirium) and negative patient-reported outcomes amongst adults, specifically those who are elderly and/or living with frailty, by enabling systematic outcome monitoring as the basis for the delivery of precision anaesthesia.


To provide:

  • an innovative, non-profit platform to enable anaesthesia providers and anaesthesia departments to access and visualize real-world outcome data about their patients.
  • a comprehensive dashboard solution supported by innovative education for the routine evaluation of preventative and/or treatment strategies; benchmarked against high-quality, real-world data.
  • a basis for continuous quality improvement, aiding progress towards patient-centred and holistic precision anaesthesia care.

Steering Group

  • Doç. Dr. Başak Ceyda MEÇO, DESAIC

    University of Ankara, School of Medicine Department of Anaesthesiology and ICM

  • Dr. Ahed Zeidan

    M.D,AFS,AFSA. Department of Anesthesia, King Fahad Specialist Hospital

  • Dr. Peter R. Kirkegaard

    Teacher for the Safe Brain Initiative

  • MCN Karina Jakobsen

    Responsible Nurse and co-founder of the SBI

  • PD Dr. Finn M. Radtke

    Chief researcher and founder of the Safe Brain Initiative

Scientific Advisory Board

  • PD Dr. Finn M. Radtke

    Chief researcher and founder of the Safe Brain Initiative

Meet our Technology Collaborators
Partnerships are vital to our work and research. They provide further knowledge, experience and input to SBI. Thereby ensuring that the data and expertise we gain transform into real-world change.

Global Anaesthesia Societies and SBI

SBIs non-invasive core recommendations are based on guideline recommendations from the major medical Societies and experts in the field.

New and consented non-invasive Anaesthesia Society knowledge is swiftly operationalized for timely implementation.

Join the SBI Community

Collaboration is essential to us. As a result, the SBI Community works closely with other international Societies and shares results to gain new knowledge and better practices.

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