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SBI Centers Saudi Arabia

Read more about the SBI Centers in Saudi Arabia

  • Located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and serving the Gulf population, King Fahad Specialist Hospital
    is a tertiary care referral hospital offering a wide range of medical services.

SBI recommendations seek to improve postoperative delirium

We are research driven group of interprofessional medical & nursing experts focusing on the improvement of cerebral outcomes after anaesthesia and surgery in a non-profit approach.




SBI Recommendations

The Patient Experience

The Safe Brain Initiative focuses on the patient's perspective of non-invasive and patient-centred care. However, we must also change our perception and adapt our processes effectively.

SBI VCI Media archive

Dive into our archive and get a closer understanding of the guidelines, solutions, and best practices of the Safe Brain Initiative.

Healthcare matters

Safe Brain Initiative's incentives, mission, and goal are to offer best practice solutions to the perioperative medical practitioner & minimize the impact of anaesthesia.