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Safe Brain Initiative matches our high degree of patient and employee involvement


Ankara University emphasizes the treatment quality of complicated cases and patient safety. Ankara University’s scientific and clinical excellence is based on the development and adoption of novel approaches and collaboration with national and international centers and societies.


Ankara University Hospital-a part of SBI Türkiye

In 2020, Ankara University joined the Safe Brain Initiative. Subsequently, it improved perioperative surgical care and expanded surgical teams' self-assessment and awareness about patient safety, satisfaction, and outcome.

More than 2000 patients have benefited from a safer and less complication-ridden, thus more comfortable postoperative period. This was achieved thanks to the high professionalism of Ankara's assistant doctors, assisting technical personnel, anaesthesia technicians, and nurses.

In addition to improving patient safety and outcomes, a more standardized and precise perioperative period reduces PACU time and increases patient-centred care.

SBI also resulted in perioperative medical practitioners gaining valuable experiences and knowledge of improved perioperative outcomes related to the brain.

It is important to note that SBI is not only a health initiative focused on protecting patients' brain health but also an educational program for applicants.

By using the same language and providing information, knowledge, and experience, SBI contributes to the outcomes of patients and the education of medical teams worldwide.


SBI contacts at Ankara University Hospital

  • Doç. Dr. Başak Ceyda MEÇO, DESAIC

    Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Anesteziyoloji ve Reanimasyon ABD İbni Sina Hastanesi - University of Ankara, School of Medicine Department of Anaesthesiology and ICM

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Collaboration is important to us. As a result, the SBI Community works closely together with other international communities and shares results to gain new knowledge and better practices.