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Declaration of the use of cookies by this website.

Purpose of using cookies on the website:
Technical functionality: Internal / 1st party cookies: Yes, External / 3rd party cookies: Yes
Traffic measurement: Internal / 1st party cookies: No, External / 3rd party cookies: Yes
This website uses cookies according to the purposes specified above. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser and in order to recognize your computer on recurring visits.

There is no personal information stored in our cookies and they cannot contain viruses.
Cookies used on SBI

Google Analytics (Traffic Measurement): SBI uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure website traffic.

You can opt out cookies from Google Analytics here.

Google Tag Manager: SBI uses Google Tag Manager to ensure that our site loads faster and gives our customers the most optimal user experience.

2.1 Deleting cookies
You can delete cookies in your internet browser

2.2 Blocking cookies
If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block them

2.3 What cookies are used for SBI
Cookies are used to compile statistics on the number of users.

2.4 Traffic measurement
To measure traffic, cookies are used from Google Analytics


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