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SBI teach structure

Knowledge is the first step to changes


A central part of the Safe Brain Initiative is sharing the current and up-to-date knowledge about postoperative delirium and perioperative neurocognitive disorder.

We do this in numerous ways depending on the possibilities:

  1. Active participation in National and International conferences
  2. Specific SBI-lectures on hospital- or department level 
  3. Tailored masterclasses of 1 or 2 days length - preferable with a tandem participation of doctors and nurses


Our current two days Masterclasses are done with a balanced approached between:

  1. Deep dive theory with lectures and impulse teaching according to the participants needs
  2. Hands on sessions divided between our SBI skills-lab and the clinical practice in our elective surgery theater
  3. Lectures on implementing strategy and the SBI database profile and possibilities  
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